Welcome to the 7th Certificate Course in Andrology. Originally planned as a physical event in Pattaya in April, we are now pivoting this to an online event. The original intensive one and a half day Certificate Course will be delivered in a series of webinars from August to November this year. This certificate course is specifically programmed for the General Practitioner who is intent on acquiring a working knowledge of andrology to practice men's health in the primary care setting. On completion of this didactic instructional course you will be able to take a good history from patients and their partners regarding erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other ejaculatory dysfunctions; obtain a good history from male infertile patients and male patients with late onset hypogonadism and work out solutions where appropriate and medical pharmacotherapeutics and hormonal therapies are indicated. 
All participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded The Joint Certificate of Achievement by the organisers:
•    Academy for Men’s Health, Singapore

•    The Malaysian Society of Andrology and the Study of the Ageing Male

•    Society for Men’s Health, Singapore
•    Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
•    Thai Urological Association

•    Singapore Urological Association

An exciting teaching faculty known in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for their pioneering work in Andrology and Men’s Health has been assembled to teach and inspire all grades of healthcare professionals attending towards improving prophylactic and therapeutic care of the male from the cradle to the grave. Via video sessions and group discussion teaching methods the participant will be able to get a vivid and audio-visually engaging learning experience and contribute actively in the discussions where real life cases will be presented. Aside from gaining confidence to be an advocate and healing practitioner in the new field of Men’s Health, the candidate qualifies to apply for Membership of the Institute for Men’s Health (Singapore) at the end of the course.

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