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Course Syllabus / Programme


Upon completion and full attendance of the three webinar sessions, you will be awarded the joint certificate of completion.  All Singapore attendees will receive CME points for this course. 

The course is scheduled during the afternoons (2:00pm – 4:00pm Singapore Time) of :

  1. 13 August, Saturday

  2. 10 September, Saturday

  3. 15 October, Saturday


Session 1 : 13 August 2022 (Saturday)   

Track : The Younger Years

  • Pornography Addiction: The impact of this habit and its long term consequences. How to overcome this - Dr Sandor Heng

  • Surgical Treatment of BPH in a young male : An Introduction into MIST Therapy - Dr Joe Lee

  • Obesity and Sex - the Battle of the Bulge - Dr Vivien Lim

  • Acne: Prevention and Treatment - Dr Kok Wai Leong

  • Recovering from Sports Injuries: Practical Life Hacks - Dr Bala Chand

Programme is subject to change without prior notice.


Session 2 : 10 September 2022 (Saturday)  

Track : Mid Life Crisis

  • Sub-fertility and it's management - Dr Ronny Tan

  • Post COVID, ED, Treatment Options - Dr Lee Fang Jann

  • GLP1 RAs- a multitude opportunities in metabolic health - Dr Tan Kok Kuan

  • Wrinkly skin? No Problem! Various treatment modalities for wrinkles - Dr Elias Tam

  • Sexually transmitted diseases: Diagnosis and treatment - Dr Ivan Shim 

Programme is subject to change without prior notice.


Session 3 : 15 October 2022 (Saturday) 

Track : Aging Gracefully

  • Late onset hypogonadism: Treatment and Controversies - Dr Ng Kok Kit

  • Osteoporosis: Preventing that fracture! - Dr Stanley Liew

  • Exercise: Type for elderly men - Dr Lim Yii Hong

  • Food for thought. How should my diet change as I age? - Dr Kalpana Bhaskaran

  • A fulfilling sex life in the sunset years: Is it actually possible? - Dr Tanan Bejrananada

Programme is subject to change without prior notice.
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